My Story

Roman Gal was born in 1959 in Yerevan, Armenia. His artistic talent was apparent at an early age and he continued to pursue the one thing he was truly passionate about, Art. Upon completing high school, Roman attended and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts. Soon after, he attended the University of Art in Moscow, where he received his Master’s Degree. Roman continued to pursue what he loved and relocated to the United States where greater opportunities awaited. Roman now has over 37 years of professional experience and is the proud owner and founder of the Roman Gal Sculpting Studio. Roman has created some of the most memorable sculptures around the world. Some of his creations are displayed in variety of venues like Casinos in Las Vegas, Art shows in Japan, statues in Armenia and so on. Some of his work is proudly owned by celebrity clientele. He currently has studios in Los Angeles and Las Vegas where he continues to strive on his Art. Roman exhibited at such events as the LA Mart show, New York Art Expo, Beverly Hills Art Show, Bonham’s and Butterfield’s, and Art*M*Art International Art Music Cuisine in Los Angeles. Today Roman continues to explore and inspire new ideas to make people fall in love with his art.